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Can I Create A Trust For Someone Else For Asset Protection?

Although you cannot create a trust for yourself with the goal of asset protection, you can create a trust for someone else with asset protection in mind. And these protections can come in two forms. The assets can be protected from potential poor money management skills by the beneficiary of the trust. Likewise, these assets […]

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Can I Create A Living Trust For Myself In Order To Protect My Assets?

Many people wonder if they can create a living trust for themselves in order to protect their assets. In Texas you cannot do this as long as you have direct control over the assets. If you created what is called an irrevocable trust, then you could have asset protection due to the trust. However, you […]

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estate planning

What Is Estate Planning?

First of all, almost everyone has an estate, because an estate is merely made up of everything a person owns – cars, real estate, checking accounts, investment accounts, furniture, clothes, etc. So, dear reader, you are pretty much guaranteed to have an estate. Given that you have an estate, you need to do what is […]

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When Do I Need To Update My Will?

If you already have will in place, then kudos to you for taking the time to help protect your family and assets! However, life circumstances can easily change to the point that it really is important to update your will and other estate planning documents. Otherwise you wouldn’t be doing what’s best for your loved […]

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