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Co-Executors For Their Will

Can A Person Name Co-Executors For Their Will?

Clients often ask me if they can name co-executors for their will. The reason they usually ask is that they don’t want to hurt the feelings of one of their children who could have been chosen as an executor. Or perhaps they have children who don’t get along well, and they think that naming both […]

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Will The Money In My Bank Account Pass Through My Will?

Most people incorrectly believe that the money in their bank account will automatically pass through their will in whatever way the will dictates. However, it is very common for a bank account to be opened either as a JTWROS (“joint tenants with right of survivorship”) account or as a POD (“payable on death”) account. In […]

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estate planning

What Is Estate Planning?

First of all, almost everyone has an estate, because an estate is merely made up of everything a person owns – cars, real estate, checking accounts, investment accounts, furniture, clothes, etc. So, dear reader, you are pretty much guaranteed to have an estate. Given that you have an estate, you need to do what is […]

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