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What Is Community Property And Separate Property In Texas?

When you are married  you have community property and separate property in Texas. Each spouse has full testamentary power (the ability to say who gets which of those assets in their will) over their own separate property, but they have testamentary power only over one half of the community property in the relationship. And if […]

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When Do I Need To Update My Will?

If you already have will in place, then kudos to you for taking the time to help protect your family and assets! However, life circumstances can easily change to the point that it really is important to update your will and other estate planning documents. Otherwise you wouldn’t be doing what’s best for your loved […]

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Why Do I Really Need A Will?

Why do I really need a will? I imagine just about everyone has at least thought about getting a will at some point in time, but many studies show that over half of all adult Americans do not have one. I think a big reason that people don’t have one in place is that they […]

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