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Fees For Estate Planning Documents


Will: $175

Power of Attorney: $75

Medical Power of Attorney: $75

Living Will: $50

HIPAA Authorization: $50


Estate Planning Package For Individuals: $300

You will receive the five basic estate planning documents that every adult should have: Will, Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney, Living Will and HIPAA Authorization.

Estate Planning Package For Couples: $500

You and your spouse will each receive the five basic estate planning documents that every adult should have: Will, Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney, Living Will and HIPAA Authorization. (Note: Each of you will need to fill out his or her own estate planning information form.)

Please contact me with any questions or to set up a free consultation. Or if you are ready to get started now, please download this form.

* The fees listed above are for simple wills that 1) do not require office appointments, 2) do not need tax planning or complex trust provisions, and 3) do not have detailed or complex requests. Most of my clients fit into this category. However, I cannot quote you a final set fee until I know your particular facts and circumstances. After receiving your completed ESTATE PLANNING INFORMATION FORM I will be able to send you a finalized quote. I will not begin working on your documents unless you accept my quote, so you are not obligated to use my services in any way by merely filling out the form.

** Each document ordered will be printed on 100% cotton paper and mailed to you along with advice and instructions on how to sign and use the document. If you would like me to also notarize your documents at my office or even at your home or office if you live in the Austin area, then there is an additional $100 fee for a meeting to notarize up to ten documents that I have created for you.

All listed fees are subject to change.